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Our services are made possible by our sponsors, public donations and fundraising.

As with many areas of our health system, mental health services face huge demand compounded by a severe capacity shortage. Waiting times from primary care through to specialist services continue to rise. Unfortunately, there is no quick or simple fix to a highly complex situation. Now more than ever, our work supports real people with real needs that sit behind the media headlines. 
We are not political, we are not a campaign organisation, and we do not spend our money endlessly shouting into the black hole of social media. We meet real people in person and offer support; more often than not, we are the first support people have received.
We need your help to enable more groups to open, help us train more group facilitators, help isolated people access support, and, most importantly, help people in your local community.

Our services rely on public donations and fundraising

We provide peer support for members of the community experiencing issues with their mental health.  Talking about our worries or concerns is fundamental to our well-being, but it can be challenging to open up to our nearest and dearest friends and work colleagues; this is where peer support can help.

We host drop-in meetings, activities and wellness walks. Our groups are informal; we simply provide the Space for people to meet and chat or just have time-out.

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