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Who are we

We are a non-profit social venture with a mission to promote the well-being of individuals through connection with nature. Our main objective is to offer opportunities for people to experience the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors, which includes fostering self-confidence, empowerment, and a sense of autonomy.


Our projects support people experiencing issues with their mental health or isolation. 

Our support is simple - we use urban parks, country parks and community spaces to provide walking-based peer support


Our approach is simple - we walk, and we talk!

Our Outdoor Activity Programme offers weekend retreats and outdoor programs, such as hill walking, wild camping and bushcraft. From our base in Cumbria, we offer various options, from introductory to more challenging adventures, allowing everyone to discover the great outdoors at their own pace. 

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The origin of Space To Talk training CIC was during the COVID-19 pandemic. Struggling with isolation, a small informal group started meeting to walk around a local park.

The opportunity to talk to others during group walks became a literal lifeline for those experiencing extreme loneliness and loss of vital support structures.

What seemed simple, a walk and talk, clearly provided a therapeutic benefit, pandemic restrictions or not. We decided to formalise as a social enterprise and began our journey to understand the mechanism of support being offered and how this can be extended to more locations.

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We are a Community Interest Company established for the benefit of the community. We don’t have shareholders and operate under the rules of the ‘Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies’

We are proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK. The world’s largest network of businesses with a social purpose who together are helping to create a fairer economy and a more sustainable future for everyone

We are an organisation member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and bound by their ethical code of practice

We are a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and committed to their code of conduct which informs all our outdoor activities and events.

Meet the Team

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