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returning from a walk

Who are we

Space to Talk is a not-for-profit community-centred organisation that aims to provide support to members of the community who are struggling with their mental health, isolation and other worries that may be preventing them from engaging in physical or psychological self-care.

Space to Talk provides a safe, welcoming and non-judgmental space for people to engage with others, try out new activities and learn strategies to assist them with self-care and well-being. Ultimately we aim to enable people to build confidence, gain empowerment and restore independence.

Our Mission

We strive to demystify mental health. In simple terms we believe it is okay to not be okay and that being able to talk about our worries or concerns is fundamental to our wellbeing

Our Vision

We believe that authentic peer based support can enable people to discover connectedness, hope, identity, meaning and empower them to manage their mental wellbeing

Our Values

We promote authenticity, only provide trusted evidence based support and empower individuals to take ownership of their wellbeing

Delapre Wellbeing Hub

In the heart of the community

Space to Talk is actively engaged with the Delapré Abbey Wellbeing Hub. With invaluable support from the Abbey Trust, we have successfully established drop-in support groups and walk & talks for the local community which are now a fixed feature for the wellbeing hub.

Certified Social Enterprise Badge - Black.jpg

We are a Community Interest Company established for the benefit of the community. We don’t have shareholders and operate under the rules of the ‘Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies’

We are proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK. The world’s largest network of businesses with a social purpose who together are helping to create a fairer economy and a more sustainable future for everyone

We are an organisation member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and bound by their ethical code of practice

We are a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and committed to their code of conduct which informs all our outdoor activities and events.

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