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Winter blues? 
For many of us the winter season has the potential for significantly impacting our mood. But we can challenge our 'winter blues' by keeping ourselves active both physically and mentally. 

We have a programme of activities and events focussed on providing opportunities to get out, keep active,  try something new or just meet up and chat.


Space are a member of the Delapré Abbey wellbeing hub.


We host wellness and wellbeing activities and groups at the abbey. Our groups, activities and events meet at the Coach House and we take advantage of the extensive grounds and gardens for our regular walks and outdoor activities.


Most of our groups are drop in (no need to book). We advise booking for our activities and events.


Wellbeing - is best described as how we feel inside, are we happy, fulfilled or satisfied. We may be physically fit and healthy but still feel not quite right. Wellbeing looks at a broad set of influences including social conditions, finance, relationships, life skills and hobbies.

Wellness - is behaviour focussed, it is action-oriented and refers to our pursuit of healthy lifestyle habits such as cycling, walking, exercise classes, yoga, nutrition.

Our Purpose, Vision & Values

retreats, experiences & challenges

try outs and expereinces


Our approach is simple - we walk, and we talk!

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