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Thank you for your support

Our work is not possible without your generous support!

2023 has been an extremely busy year for Space to Talk and here is just a sample of the services you have made possible.

  • Walk & Talk drop ins at Delapre Abbey

  • Walk & Talk drop ins at Chester House, Hunsbury Hill Park and Daventry

  • Support of Afghan Families resettling in the UK

  • Cumbria Retreats - 75 people over 6 weekends during summer!

  • Cycling with Confidence

  • Action for Happiness programme at Delapre Abbey

Each one of these programmes involved volunteers and staff supporting individuals to re-engage with society, try out new activities and re-discover independence. The title of each programme hides a complex list of tasks, preparation, coordination and, above all, dedication from individuals with a drive to support others.

Our Volunteers

Without our dedicated volunteers we could not provide our services. Each week, volunteers lead walks, host our groups and lead activities. Our volunteers gave up their weekends during the summer to help run our Cumbria retreats.

Above all, our volunteers have been there for our clients, the person to walk with, the person who will listen and the person to just be there. Some of our work is challenging; supporting others is often not easy; we have been there to allow emotions to be expressed, and we have allowed space for emotions to be held. However, the results have been rewarding, seeing people rediscover confidence and independence. Our volunteers do this!

Thank you to those who beleive in us

Space to Talk is a Community Interest Company; we are run not for profit but for the community. However, we still have costs. Unfortunately, business expenses are a reality for any organisation. We don't believe anyone should be expected to work long hours for nothing or incur excessive personal expenses. We do employ a small number of staff. We must pay bills, salaries, and expenses like any other organisation.

Our services rely on partners, sponsors, grants from organisations and funding bodies and generous donations from individuals. These organisations and individuals recognise our work, support our mission, and understand that with all the goodwill in the world, community organisations still need funding!

Thank you to:

Delapre Abbey has been our solid base this year and our leading supporter. We have been welcomed into the Wellbeing Hub as an integral partner. And most important Delapre provide us with our Base Camp in the Coach House.

Our work with the Abbey continues to develop with our Cycle with Confidence course, which started in November. A course aimed at providing practical support to individuals who want to cycle more but, for whatever reason, have lost their confidence or feel apprehensive. These courses continue in the New Year.

The University has been highly supportive of our Cycle with Confidence course, promoting the course across the student body and providing facilities and use of their grounds for the course. These courses will also continue into 2024.

Linked to Delapre is our close alignment with Action for Happiness. Space to Talk has been a part of the movement since we launched in 2021, with A4H 10 keys being a consistent theme during our walks & talks and groups.

This year, our relationship with A4H Northampton has continued to develop. Earlier in the year, with funding provided by The Together Fund and Northampton Sport, Space to Talk was asked to help set up walk & talk services across a number of Happy Cafes in Northampton. More recently, Space has hosted Action for Happiness groups at Delapre Abbey every other Wednesday. These groups continue into 2024, and we look forward to continuing our involvement with further projects, training, and groups..

Following on from the success of Headfest 2021, BBC Radio Northampton asked Space to Talk to support this year's event. We held training sessions and provided support to individuals attending the event. We are pleased to have been asked to continue to support Headfest 2024. Watch out for details in the coming months.

For anyone unaware, funding from the National Lottery Community Fund made our Cumbria retreats and activities possible.

The funding has enabled us to establish a base in Cumbria and take 75 people there over the summer to walk on the fells, challenge themselves with new experiences and take some time out. These experiences have been a big part of our year!

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) Northamptonshire has supported our weekly groups and walk & talks throughout 2023. ACRE provided funding to help run these events and provide art & craft materials, refreshments and other equipment and materials we need to host our services.

If you have attended any of our walks or events, you would have noticed all our walk leaders carry a backpack with first aid, an emergency blanket, and Pete's favourite, their hi-viz.

This equipment was purchased thanks to a donation from Far Cotton and Delapre Community Council.

We are used to the unexpected during our Saturday walk & talk and groups, the nature of offering a drop-in service. But in late November, our surprise was the kind we really appreciated.

Haley from My Pink Moon dropped by with a cheque. Funds will go towards continuing our Saturday walk & talks and activities.

The contribution we received from the Co-op community fund is very special to us. For those unaware, the community fund is paid via the customers/members of the co-op who generously donate to local causes.

Whenever members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op gives local causes a helping hand.

However, the member chooses whom they want the help to go to. This means every penny provided to us by Co-op was because a member of the local community wanted to support us.

Before you go..

Our services are made possible by our sponsors, public donations and fundraising. We need your help to enable more groups to open, help us train more group facilitators, help isolated people access support, and, most importantly, help people in your local community.

To everyone who has supported us this year

Thank you!


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