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New: Outreach drop-in service

Space to Talk is conducting a trial initiative in central Northampton to assess the needs and demands of the Afghanistan community in Northamptonshire.

This project aligns with our broader research on the requirements of the Afghan diaspora in the region. While it's a short-term effort, the goal is to gather evidence of need that can be shared with relevant organisations and will assist with planning and budgeting for the ongoing support for the Afghanistan community as they integrate into their new lives in the UK.

The central location, situated at the central library with easy access and parking, was chosen for its convenience.

The drop-in sessions support families and individuals from Afghanistan who have moved out of the Bridging Hotels and are settling into life in Northamptonshire.

We offer a simple drop-in to assist with advice or signposting if needed, plus mental health support and advice around wellbeing and wellness.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using our email


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