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mental health at work
training & support

We demystify and simplify mental health by taking our experience of proven in-community peer support principles and applying this to your business.

What we do

Space to Talk Training CIC is founded on the principles of peer support as an aid to better manage our own mental health and support those in recovery from mental health issues. We are grounded by our lived experience of mental health conditions supported by our knowledge of the current academic principles related to non-clinical, peer-focussed mental health support.

We strive to demystify mental health. In simple terms, we start with the principle that it is:

  • okay to not be okay

  • normal to not be able to cope sometimes


Being able to talk about our worries or concerns is fundamental to our well-being but, it can be challenging to open up to our nearest and dearest, never mind our work colleagues and employers.

Openness and authentic acceptance are fundamental to workplace mental health.

In the workplace, genuine mental health support starts with a culture that allows people to raise their hand and say, 'i am not okay today' without fear of stigma, discrimination, or affecting their career.

Moving beyond first aid

Our approach to mental health in the work place

First aid can be seen as an positive step but limited in its influence on the overall delivery of a safe working culture

​Our model for psychological wellbeing in the workplace builds from a 'Culture First' view and imbeds employee awareness, mental health champions and peer support as supporting functions, not the primary responsibilities for psychological wellbeing.

Mental Health Disorders

Discussing our mental health is no longer taboo, but it can be a complex and confusing subject. The terminology and language often used are vague at best, and in many cases, it is unable to

differentiate between severe illness and day-to-day unhappiness, worry or stress.


Mental health and mental illness are different but are often interchangeable in conversations. Wellness, wellbeing, mindfulness, and a plethora of trends continue to add to the confusion.


Our awareness course aims to demystify the subject and provide an evidence-based overview of what mental health is and is not!

Stress at Work

A Mental Health Champion is someone who colleagues can turn to as a 'safe person’ to have a chat about worries or concerns. Someone who will take time to listen without judgement, this may be via a walk and chat, meet for a coffee or just arranging a quick chat.


Safety champions are often advocates for mental health in their organisation

This is an intensive two day training course aimed at preparing employees to take on a role as a Mental Health Champion in the workplace.

Peer Support is a process of giving and receiving support when recovering from or living with challenges associated with mental health. Support is provided by others with ‘lived

experience’ trained to assist others with their recovery journey.

This intensive 1 day course prepares individuals to be able to confidently and safely facilitate group peer support in the workplace.

peer group meeting

Psychological Safety is the held belief that one will not suffer any negative consequences through taking

interpersonal risks. This may include speaking up with an idea in a meeting, challenging the status quo,

making a change or admitting a mistake.


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